What are some ways that you could get your ex back?

People normally say "move on", but getting back together is always possible. Do you have any ideas of ways I can get her back?
It's been 8 days, it was a 6 month relationship. She loved me for 4 years before I liked her, I seriously don't think 4 years of emotions can go just like that in 6 months. But either way, I will do anything and everything to get her back.


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  • I guess it depends on the reasons u broke up... u have to fix whatever went wrong...


What Guys Said 1

  • You can always try flowers, little letters of fond memories that always reminded you of her and what she did that you always liked about her. Maybe taking her out to lunch or a coffee break and just talking, seeing how her day went. Slowly get her back so you can see her again and then talk to her about your relationship and how or if it can be fixed, and any chances of getting back together.


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