What goes around comes around?

Is what goes around comes around really true?! My long term ex boyfriend and I broke up about three months ago and its been about a month and a half since we last talked.. He was a horrible guy always putting me down and cheated and really just did things that no one deserves.. I just feel like its best for me to not talk to him and just take a step back and out of his life to avoid becoming a crazy ex...but it eats at me every day that he never got punished for the things he's done that hurt me so badly. He ended our three year relationship by letting me find out from someone else that he was dating this other girl...WE WEREN'T EVEN BROKEN UP! I'm so f*cking hurt by this guy, I just don't know what do do?! Do bad people like that usually get what's coming to them, I don't feel like I should interfere, but he deserves something bad! UGH, please help!


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  • Karma isn't a rule nor is it some mysterious power.

    Anyhow, someone who goes around hurting people will fatally hurt a stronger one some day, overestimating himself. This may lead to something like Karma.

    I had a bad relationship with two managers, I did shut up. and they did get out of my view because of transfers.

    Two years ago, I read in the newspaper that one of them had serious familial problems (his personality I think), then a heart failure (probably just his age)

    A few weeks ago I read in the newspaper that the other one had caused a serious problem to the company (his hubris) which had been forced to pay two expensive , eh, shysters to get the company out of it. He retired early. End of career (which was not his intention, I knew him too well)

    Karma or just natural evolution, given his personality?

    There's an old Chinese saying I like a lot: "If an enemy causes him grief, the wise man will not attack or fight but go and sit down by the riverside: one day he'll see his enemy's dead body floating by."

    I've indeed seen a number of dead bodies floating down the river. Some of those I did recognize. (6)

    • WOW. Great answer, that makes a lot of sense. In the least of the bad things that this guy has done, he has been kind of a free loader, & that's what he is doing to this girl right now. (Living bill & rent free!!) I'm hoping she will get sick of it and he will wind up S.O.L!! I know it's horrible to wish bad things on someone, but I'm so hurt.

    • Sit down by the riverside...

    • Thanks, that is a great quote & I will live by it.

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  • yes they do. you don't even have to do anything, bad people usually do get their just desserts. call it karma, law of attraction, divine retribution but it happens. you might not know about what happens to him personally and it may not even happen soon, but it does come back to you


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