How long is the counseling process?

I know it might be different according to the person and the problem.
My ex girlfriend who was very in love with me, started feeling down, and after I asked her about it, she said she is lost, she doesn't know who she is and that she can't be in a relationship ever in her life again. She said it was a problem with her and that she needs to deal with it on her own. So we broke up, well, I told her "Do you want to break up?" But didn't answer, so I said "Do you want us to just be friends" and she said "yes please". 2 weeks before she was saying how much she loves me, but I could see the signs of her being stressed and not feeling well in her skin.
Now she is going to counseling, and we still talk and are very friendly (she gives me the best hugs and put her head on my chest, and she is always here for me).
I do believe we can build something together, but I wonder how long does counseling take? I love her so much, i don't want to betray her with someone else, but what if the occasion arises, what if nothing changes in 6 months? Or worst what if she gets better and decides to go with someone else... I'm so lost I don't know what to do !
How long is the counseling process?
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