Help me what does it mean?

Me and my boyfriend have always been on and off when we break up he'll always ignore me for a while and then come back... we had a fight and we didn't speak I asked if he hated me and he said no I've just used all my chances with him after loads Of messages and finally get the point to leave him alone he hasn't spoken to me for a week and yesterday he deleted our relationship of Facebook and I have found out he's just started talking to this girl that we both know that he's never really spoken to before... why is he doing this? Does he just not care?


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  • The better question is why do you keep taking him back? Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. On/offs never work and you'd think you'd be smart enough to see it but I guess you aren't


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  • I first of all think it first comment above is an ass! You are still young and learning. So its ok to make plenty of mistakes. I personally think he is so upset he is making the score evn by messing with "her" esp since he know you know her as well, evn tho thts a low blow.

    • Part of me feels like he's messaging her so he doesn't message me , but if he's doing that will he not message me he only said we'd be in contact to sort our flat out and that's it's :/

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