Need Some Relationship/Ex Help?

First, let me saying this. Yes, she was my first real relationship. Yes, we were engaged young. Yes, I know that shouldn't have happened, now no judging please.

I started dating this girl last year and we got engaged Feb. of 2016. I thought our relationship was going good, then we went on a church trip to the East Coast for a week, when we got back, she basically cut all ties with me. I have no contact with her.

Then, Early October she messaged me. She asked me if I could come over and fix her computer, which I did. When I got there, she acted different. Like she acted like she wanted to hug me but she held back all she could. Then I helped her print pictures out for school and I thought some were of me and her, but I can't recall fully.

She stopped talking to me for about 3 weeks the. We started talking again. This time, she seemed less distant. Then I tried to ask her where we stood. She wouldn't reply. I asked her to please give me a final goodbye, to help move on if we were done. She wouldn't reply.

Her friend messaged me and said that she doesn't love me anymore and everything. Last night, me and my "ex" talked a bit and when I asked her if what her friend said is true, she said "Can we talk when I'm not exhausted" and I said sure.

Today, I tried talking to her for just a bit, about some random things, and she opens up the messages but don't reply, like she has done for the past month. But this time we talked, she seemed to put her wall down. She wasn't typing In a defensive way almost.

Me and my friends (girls) said they think she's still attached but doesn't know how to say it. They said:

*She refuses to say goodbye
*She refuses to say she doesn't love me anymore
*She never changed her relationship status to single
*She messages first when she wants to talk
*She never threw away my stuff that was still at her house

So GaG, what do you think? Do you think she's still attached or no?


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