He says he hates that he loves me. What is that suppose to mean?

So my boyfriend and I go through our ups and down a lot. We argue a lot and go days without speaking. He told me over text that he hates that he loves me and that he wish he didn't. Whenever we break up, he always come running to me (he has done fuck upon shit to me). I asked him why do you keep fighting for a person who is 'bad'? And he tells me he doesn't know why and why he feels this way. How can you not know why you feel a certain why? And why does he tells me he hates that he loves me?


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  • Maybe he's just conflicted and can't make up how he feels about u. Or maybe he's stubborn and wants u to be something ur not; and feels like u COULD be all those things. Either way, I would end it because it's not worth it to be with someone you argue with a lot and who isn't consistently there or even consistently IN the relationship


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