Why would ex keep going back and forth with the idea of us?

Since our breakup we have had sex. It seems like every month since August/September he keeps going back and forth with the idea of us doing that. by the way we have been broke up since April. Anyway I still have feelings for him and would want to still be with him. Everytime he mentions this he says we should stay friends without anything else as it isn't fair to us. He says that and then sometime after it goes back to the same thing and then once again he mentions that. it seems to be almost every month. Why would he keep going back on this idea? The most recent time was yesterday. he said for us to stay freinds without anything else and he doesn't think its the best idea for us. I dont talk to him but then about a week later or so he always asks if we aren't talking anymore. I just want to know wth is up with him and what he's thinking. In a way I think we should try a relstionship again as ours was really good and nothing major caused our breakup. I am just confused with his actions etc!


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  • Don't get back together with him and for the love of god, don't have sex with him. Whatever problems y'all had and why y'all broke up, all those problems are still there. If it didn't work the first time, it's not gonna work again. It's better to just move on


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