If my boyfriend liked me so much why would he dumped me and make our relationship work?

Now my recent ex boyfriend dumped me out of the blue. Everything was fine until he became distant and stopped talking to me. Here I am trying to talk to him and he just made excuse after excuse. I'm busy with grad school and he works. Our schedule became different and we started to see less of each other but tried to see each other as much as we can until the last time we hung out and became distance towards me the next day. I asked him if he was still interested in me and gave me an excuse saying he's been busy with working. he ghosted me and no contact with each other since then. I'm mutual friends with his cousin. She kept telling me the reason why he dumped me because I was too busy with school and never had time to do things that he wanted me to do with him. she told me he really liked me a lot and never seen him like someone as much as he does to me. I was really confuse and didn't believe my friend. If that was the case then he would been honest with me if that's the real case of him dumping me which I don't think. She told me that his family & friends wanted him to keep me and telling me I'm perfect for him. Why would he dumped me if he really liked me? I think its immature


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  • Or he wants more out of a relationship than you were able to give him. He may have really cared for you but if he barely sees you it may not have been worth it for him. Break ups are hard, but if needs aren't being met in a relationship it never works

    • What do you mean he wanted more out of the relationship? He would never tell me anyways but what I heard from my friend who is related to him told me that the stuff he wanted to do with me I couldn't because of school and he didn't want me interfere with my school work.

    • If you didn't get to see each other often that may not have been what he wanted in a relationship. Some people want to see their spouse everyday and some are happy with a few times a week

  • Sounds like he might have found someone else, and he might be feeling guilty about it.

    • Yeah I think so too. He already has a girlfriend and lives with her now :/

    • Well, I also think it's highly possible that he cheated on you because he was lonely, and couldn't bear to face you and own up to it. But I must stress to you that this is NOT in any way your fault! It was on him to try and talk this out with you and fix the relationship if he was unhappy, or for him to leave, not cheat.

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