Ex tried dating my friend and then pretty much came crawling back to me?

So I dated this guy for a year and we broke up around this time last year, I had moved on but then he started to try and date my friend which was annoying and out of line in my opinion. After getting rejected by her a few weeks later he sent a friend request on facebook (I accepted as I had moved on and was willing to be pleasant even though I didn't really like him after how we left things in the previous year), he sent me a message wanting to talk and he asked me how I felt about him and I was honest, but then he told me that he was missing things about our relationship and how it used to be. I was rude by shutting down the idea but I didn't want to give him a second chance or to lead him on and just wanted him to move on from that idea of us ever getting back together.

I'm not sure if he actually misses me/ the relationship or the fact that he can't really get a girlfriend and just wanted one for company/ other things, what's your take on this?


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  • If you truly don't want to get back with him then you weren't rude about shutting down the idea, you were being honest :) in my opinion it seems a bit weird that he would go after your friend and then you after being rejected?

    • yea, it was really weird and made me kind of mad to be honest.

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    • Totally agree, you can do better :)

    • thank you :)

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  • He're trying to make you Pan B. Don't be Plan B.

  • Yea... Don't do it. You did the right thing in your reply.


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