Divorced people, do you have any regrets? What would you have done differently to avoid gettinng a divorce?

What would you have done differently? Is there any lessons you learned from this dicorce?


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  • The only regrets I have was marrying that bitch to begin with

  • I wouldn't have gotten married in the first place. 100% of divorces are caused by marriage.

    It wasn't the divorce that I learned a lot from, though I did learn firsthand just how shitty the System is if you're a man. No, what I mostly learned from is trying to date afterward. Especially when I started getting reading more about female nature and psychology, why they do what they do, how they 'think', and characteristics common to all women. I learned that what I went through wasn't some rare, horrible exception.

    So now, knowing what I know, I don't expect loyalty from a woman, and I won't give it to any of them. And I don't tolerate their bullshit. She gets difficult, I walk.

  • Differently? I wouldn't have gotten married that's what I would have done. A lot of girls at that age, early 20's have no idea what they want. Boys either.


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