How to get him back?

I've been dating this guy for a few months and a few weeks ago (I was feeling sad and extremely angry) I went off on him and said mean things to him. A few days later i apologized. I had been having a bad month and I had tried expressing that to him before.

He told me that it was cool so I thought we would be cool. But then I stopped hearing from him. So I kept texting him and he answers but he's not the same and he doesn't seem like he wants to see me anymore. I asked him and he said he doesn't know if he wants to see me anymore. So I wait a few days and text him again and it doesn't seem like he's over it he said he saw a crazy side to me. I tried to explain how I was feeling but it's like he doesn't care. I don't want to seem annoying and desperate and keep contacting him cause I feel like he'll hate me more.

I miss him and regret letting my emotions get to me. What should I do? Or should I just move on?
How to get him back?
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