My boyfriend broke up with me?

2 DAYS ago my boyfriend of 4 years came around I thought he was coming home for dinner but he acatully walked inside straight to my room and bulled his eyes out. He said he was sorry. He said I'm perfect, he said he needs time. I got so upset and stated that we could fix this (I had no idea he was braking up with me) he said I'm sorry it just hasn't been the same. I asked if he loved me. He said he loved me. But isn't In love anymore.
2 nights before this he was very frustrated with his car and work and family and told me that we need a brake. He said he needed time by himself to think. Over the whole weekend I didn't hear by his what so ever. Untill the Sunday night (2 nights ago)

when he he walked out my home Sunday night he took my heart with him. Does this sound like he is fully done with me or there may be a chance he just needs a couple weeks? I'm asking this question. Cause I'm very upset and angry and depressed in what's suddenly happened. please help
Is it a brake for a short term
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Is it a full brake up
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He still loves me but is confused about me
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My boyfriend broke up with me?
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