Girls, For how many years to men have to pay alomony?

Lets say uhm... the women divorced a man jst because shexwanted his money then divorce him after... to get his money. How do ng must the victem pay for alomony?
  • till the evil woman gets married
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  • rather avoid women kid
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  • kid there's no love in this world.. marraige is a death trap
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  • alomony sounds great thatsxwhy we pressure men to marry us
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  • I feel for you bro. You're awfully young to be this angry and indoctrinated. You might have a long, lonely, angry road ahead. Good luck.

  • until every last penny has been sucked dry and you're left with nothing but your old and crusty whitey tighties.

    • Well ever heard of red pill mgtow

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    • and I love em all <3

    • Well the are the closet thing to a male axwoman will get. the closet man is supposed to be her husband but she fucked him over soo

  • It depends on a lot of factors, such as who the main money maker was, if the woman is able to work, how long they were married, etc.

    • So that is why women want to get married.. and pressure men into marraige makesxa wholeclot of sense.

    • Well if the woman had a job does he till have to pay

    • No, that is not why women want to get married! I don't know where you've gotten such a bad attitude towards marriage and women, but your ideas are wrong!

      Sometimes yes, even if the woman has a job, he may still have to pay alimony. There are too many differences between cases to give one exact answer.

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