Guys always say I'm the perfect girl, but breakup with me?

The last three relationships I've been in have left me confused. Each of the guys I've dated have said I'm perfect, in every way. Everything they're looking for, their dream girl, and break it off eventually. What gives?


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  • They usually do that as not to hurt your ego.
    They use things like:
    1) Its not you, it is me.
    2) You're perfect, and im not

    but in reality, it is probably you. Something is scaring them off.

    • Interesting take on it. I actually called the last guy out on it and he swore it wasn't me, he literally ran through a list of everything he thought was perfect... never asked him to.

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    • Oh he never criticized me, and we didn't have issues, we were great actually.

    • or you thought you guys didn't have issues. perhaps, he had issues, while you didn't notice. lots of girls are kinda autistic that way. they want everyone to know what they are thinking, when in reality, they dont know what others are thinking.

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  • They could have just been saying things they think you'd like to hear, at the time.
    Or they really just mean you're the perfect girl... but not for them.


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  • maybe you need to be an imperfect girl... with the imperfect guy... that makes you the perfect couple...

  • They're wrong and lying and don't know it.

    • I'm not sure what you mean?

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    • Ok, thanks. That makes sense. Wish I knew where I was going wrong.

    • It might not be something you're "doing".

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