Tricky situation with cheating girlfriend, Help please?

Hey so me and my girlfriend broke up about 2 weeks ago and she cheated on me, this dude cheated on his girlfriend to. i forgave her because she has given me a lot of chances before with regards to becoming a good dad. Now she still wants to be friends with this guy and they are going swimming together now, pisses me off i told her not to go swimming with him again but she did it anyway, i know for a fact she didn't cheat this time. I told her now to stop being friends with him or im not being in a relationship anymore. Waiting to see what she says back. Only problem is she loves badminton and this guy plays there to. I hate that i want her to give up badminton but i dont want her to see him again. What do i do? I can't go badminton or swimming because of my broken leg.


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  • Just say that you don't like what she's doing and if she continues to do it just break up with her. life is hard as it is I'm sure you don't want to make it harder.

  • I can already tell the relationship won't work, she betrayed your trust and now it's effected you psychologically.


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