What do guys feel after dumping a LTR girlfriend?

My guy and I had a great relationship, but we had a fight over moving in together and he freaked out and dumped me... after 2 years. its been nearly a month and I've barely heard from him. He was always so loving and sweet, never would hurt me etc. But he's so different... very cold and distant and a bit mean. I've heard from a mutual friend that he's depressed as hell. He (the friend ) said to give him space , but its been nearly a month.
What have you gone through personally after you dump a ltr girlfriend? What should i do in my situation?


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  • Don't contact him, there are things that men need to find out and resolve on their own. If he does resolve his issues he will either come to the realization that he misses you, and attempts to rekindle with you... or he will come to the realization that he doesn't miss you and he will move on.

    • Thank you... i will be doing what i need to do for me and if comes back great, if not his loss.

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  • move on... I usually feel absolutely nothing... if I dump someone... there is no turning back


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