How did you deal with your first heartbreak?

Because I feel like I'm going to die.
I first dealt with it by talking to my friends and crying for like an hour until I couldn't physically cry anymore.
Then I spent 2 hours doing homework so I could get my mind off of it and it worked.
Thing is I just finished all my homework & I'm realizing what has happened. And It feels horrible. It's a pain in my chest and tears just keep flowing and my heart is pounding so fast. I didn't mean to be all dramatic but that is literally how I feel right now. Then I think about it, & I'm wondering, what am I going to do now? How will I deal with so much pain? I don't know how people do it tbh. I obviously know that life goes on but I also know that it won't be the same and that scares me.
I was already feeling super depressed and obviously this will make my depression even worse.
I keep trying to think of the positives, of all the lessons this made me learn (some of them the hard way)
& in a way I'm happy because I used to not believe in love. & I didn't think I'd ever be capable of falling in love and actually feeling heartbreak over losing someone. So hey, at least now I know that I do have feelings, right? Who knew.
How did you deal with your first heartbreak?
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