Can a couple get back together after an amicable break up?

My girlfriend and I have a long history. I asked her out last year on Valentine's Day and she rejected me and now this year she came to me and we dated for a good month and a half. We had a lot of fun, we were happy, and anyone could see that we would last together for a long time but suddenly she said she's been stressing out about our relationship and she doesn't see it working out. So we broke up on good terms.

Now of course I'm heartbroken but I'm not mad at her. How could I? She is a busy girl and likes to solve problems by herself.

So far I've been giving her space but we are in the same friend group and we also participate in the same clubs so it's hard to physically ignore her but I never talk to her.

I want to get over her before I make my decision on whether I want to get back with her or not. I don't want to ruin our friendship if we ever build one but I don't want to watch her love someone else if she ever finds someone else while I'm still at school.

Let's say I do want to get back with her, what are the chances? What should I do? Should I even try?

Valentines Day

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  • fins another girl
    she likes another guy

    • Explain your reasoning

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    • Okay then next time give more detail

    • Dude, this is it, there's not much I can give at this time!

Valentines Day