Heartbroken..what should I do?

...I have loved my best guy friend for such a long time, I can't even remember when I started. It's always been the same, both of us staying single for years, never really "loving" or "liking" anybody...so, I was almost positive that he actually liked me back.

Since we tell each other everything, he told me he had to talk to me about some girl that he really liked. I was hoping it was me, but in reality, it's actually my best friend.

I am literally heartbroken, I can't remember the last time I've been in this much pain. I'm confused on what I should do..? Should I let him go? Or should I tell him how really feel and hope for the best? (I am extremely scared of rejection..so I don't know how well that would work out for me) Thanks for any of your help.


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What Guys Said 1

  • now is not the time to tell him. believe me...

    if you tell him, and he breaks it off with the other person (your friend in this case) then would you really want to be in a relationship with him. .. if he doesn't break it off, then you've gone and made it awkward between you two.

    the best thing to do... though it is the most difficult, is to wait until their relationship ends. wait until he gets over her. then tell him. or tell him before he gets over her, but keep it civil, and don't do anything with him... do anything with him, and you'll be the rebound girl. and I've never heard of those lasting long.


What Girls Said 1

  • I have been where you are! I made the mistake of letting him go without telling him how I felt, it's been 20 years, and we have just recently started talking again, and I'm still in love with him! I've told him everything, and so we are talking and meeting a couple times a month. Tell him now how you feel so you do not have to live with any regreat! Good Luck!


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