Being a hairy man is really the end if world in terms of relationship, women and sex?

Being an excessive hairy man means you won't be sexually appealing to women which means you won't get relationship and women in your life?
You end up being woman less and sex less?
Anyone more?


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  • Have you ever seen a sloth beer? Perhaps it is the most hairy animal, but it gets a partner for sex and producing child. If you are hairy - some girl will be there liking hairy and relating hairy with masculine properties. Otherwise you may go for hair removal treatment to remove hair from undesired area of your body and look normal.

    • Duh that bear gets a female bear who is EQUALLY hairy as he is.
      I'm humans it won't be true
      Human female and most males aren't as hairy

    • Some one must be trying to find out hairy. Nature - God must have made someone for you - and few girls have excessive hair - just like in your case.

    • Not true at all
      What woam wants excess hairy man...
      Even excess hairy woman won't want

Most Helpful Guy

  • some women really likes hairy men

    • Not very true

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    • I doubt she would love hairy shoulders and stuff

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  • There's a hell of a lot more to a relationship than just being "sexually appealing".

    • So it means woman would be in a sex less relationship with a excess hairy man if other things are alright?

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    • It actually does. Eventually hair stops growing, then one day you'll shave it all off and it'll never grow back again. And anyway like I said, looks aren't the only thing that's important in a relationship.

    • Maybe female body hair reduces with age... male body hair doesn't... well yeah male head hair does lessen with age 😂
      In fact men get hairier with age :'(

  • Some women are really into hairy guys.


What Guys Said 3

  • Hairy men were always considered attractive... but alas, we live in feminist society

    You're lucky that you aren't in a relationship. Women are not worth the time of day unless you're desperate for sex.

    • Were really hairy men always considered attractive and appealing by women or it was the Very hairy men who assumed they were attractive?

    • Your username is quite unique hahahaha

  • Yep. So grab the lawnmower, you've got some work to do.

  • Only lesbians hate hairy men.

    • That's not the reality!!

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