Why am I avoiding him?

I dated this guy for one month. He was my first date, first kiss, first hand holding, first everything.. except sex ( I am stil virgin). We broke up... well, it was him who put an end to it and did not even tell me why. He let me know, by blocking me on social media. Since this happened... two months ago I have wished and dreamed about seeing him at least once again. I dont know why. Maybe I want an explication, maybe I still feel something for him and hope we will start once again... I dont know, but I do wish to see him once again. The thing is, I noticed that everytime I have a feeling I will see him in a place , I dont go that place. Once, I saw a guy and believed it was him. I was sure it is him... but I crossed the street to avoid him. So what is this? Why I wanna see him, but do everything to avoid him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He didn't tell you it was over? Just blocked you? No explanation? Would you date that kind of guy? If you were to date him again he'll mysteriously block you again for whatever reason you've done? Childish guy he should be happy you're even going after him

    • We had a conflict and we were both unsure wheter we should continue or not... but I would have never thought he will do that. Whatever. I dont know what I really want. Why do I avoid him and still dream about seeing him again

    • If u wanna know why, get ur act together and think about how you should approach him. Thinking won't get u anywhere

What Girls Said 1

  • Because you have hope that someone would still be nice to you, care about you as a person because you deserve it but then you also know that he is not a very caring person so you avoid him because you don't want to get hurt again from him. You deserve better than the way he has acted.


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