Is my boyfriend wrong to be like this?

Me and him have nothing to eat ever , we don't live together, we usually go to get food baskets , I moved and I ask for him to get me one and I would meet him even give him money and he tells me no, turns his phone off and has all this food while I'm starving and couldn't even meet me. I have a hard time walking because of my weight and my legs start itching and won't even help at all.


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  • sounds like he wasn't very considerate.

    but it sounds to me like you guys need to start going grocery shopping


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  • What in heavens name?

  • OK.
    1- he is very inconsiderate
    2- you shouldn't rely on others for basics like food
    3- if your weight is beginning to cause such problems that you can't walk, you need to deal with it before you get worse. Don't end up like those people who can't move. You're on the way there already and you're only young.


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