Does my ex girlfriend mean anything by this?

Okay, my exgf and I broke up just over a week ago. It was a long distance relationship I'm in school (I served in the military before school) and she's been done for a while (little info she is dead set on getting married and having kids). She's been frustrated because I've been so focused on school (less than a year left) and she felt like she was on the sidelines. Anyway, she said she couldn't do it anymore she still loves me but she needed to break up with me. So right after the break up she of course did the usual changing of the guard (profile pic, relationship status well she hid it, and took down most of our photos). However, she still has one on facebook left of her and I while at WDW, and one of me and her on Instagram but she also has photos of my daughter, birthday and valentines gifts up, and if you check the caption it is obvious that it is an old boyfriend (me). With all of her other bfs she deletes them from history completely (I can't even see any evidence of previous ex's). She did say she would be open to the possibility of something once I finished school and lived in the place I had my job and started my career. Does her leaving stuff up mean anything or is it something I shouldn't read into?
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What Girls Said 1

  • Don't base relationship to social media as if is 100% accurate of inner emotions. She could be she could not be. Is just social media.


What Guys Said 1

  • I would not read too much into that. She probably missed them, or got bored of deleting them, who knows.

    • I would usually agree, the part that made me question is the fact that as I said usually she deletes the guy out of existence, and I mean everything. But of course that's why I asked the question. Thanks for your opinion!

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