URGENT! - I want her back how do I do it?

CuffI'm 20 - she is 18 (seeing eachother for 2 months broken up for 3 month)

So I worked with this girl for 3 months before we ended up texting as friends eventually I realised after a few weeks that I liked her a lot after texting for 3 months I told her that I liked her on a night out she's said she wasn't sure how she felt eventually we decided to start seeing eachother and see where it went 2 weeks later I got a new job however when still texted everyday all day and saw each on weekends she slept at my house after a month we were both naked in bed but didn't do anything together everything seemed to be going amazing but after another night out I slept at her house we had a heart heart about how we felt about one another I said I still really liked her but she said she wasn't sure how she felt a week later she told me she does like me but not as much as she likes me as a friend and so we broke up... We then argued many times because I told her I her I still had feeling for but she said (politely) I need to move on be cause we weren't right for each other... So she met some other guy who was 25 from a different city... Who I think she's still seeing now I was seeing another girl who was 18 from my area but mine didn't last because I still cared for my ex (she's slept with a few people and I haven't slept with anyone that seemed to play a part in the break up) (also I think out personalities were basically identical)

how do do I get her back? I really think I love her

URGENT! - I want her back how do I do it?
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