SO confused on why guys do this?

My boyfriend and I are in some kind of weird thing, I have no clue what we are at the moment but since he hasn't said he wants to break up becuase he can't say it since he says he likes me still and some other stuff. Im still on his social media and he is on mine, but also the fact that we would text me " ha stranger" and i feel like the flame is smoldering... I have no clue what to think... and the fact that we are on our college Thanksgiving break and I won't see him for a week I have no clue what to do? I asked him so what are we? and if he is willing to take that second chance im only giving him once. but at the same time I like talk to him everyday, and I feel as though I should stop and see waht happens, I mean I did not talk to him all day today except saying goodbye before he left, and he snapped me once, i snapped him more than once after he did but then he did a few hours ago, clearly this is a way different situation then what we were in last year, where he actually missed me, and wanted to talk to me... so help? what to do, just let him be and hopefully he figures out what he wants.. or just do something about it?
SO confused on why guys do this?
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