Will He Leave His Wife For Me?

I met my man randomly a year ago. He was separated from his wife. We became good friends (although long distance) and he kept telling me how much he liked me but wanted to get over his failed relationship so we have a chance. He told me he didn't have kids. We didn't talk for almost 3 months until last week.

A week ago I found out that he is back with her, actually has 3 kids and is engaged to her. When I asked him why he was talking to me again, he said he liked me and missed me and would leave her in a second for me.

He is telling me he will leave his wife but last time she didn't let him see the kids and he has to do it 'the nicest way possible'. I really like him and am scared that he may be the one, we talk everyday. But he has lied so much already that I don't know if he'll ever leave his wife and if he really does care for me.

Am I special to him? Can I trust him? will he ever leave his wife for me?
Will He Leave His Wife For Me?
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