It's been 5 weeks and ex still hasn't changed her fb profile pic of us together?

She broke up with me (she said she never loved me, but there's a very good chance that she might have cheated and broke up due to guilt, either way she made it very clear that she wanted to cheat) and I tried getting her back (like an idiot), but she was very adamant on her decision. Once I gave up trying to win her back (a week after the breakup) I asked her if she could please change her profile pic because it was giving me false hope and making it hard to move on. She said no, she liked that pic and wanted to keep it. We haven't spoken since then and she still hasn't changed it and it's really bothering me. I just don't get why she still has it up other than she wants to fuck with me. Girls would you purposely leave your fb profile pic of you with your ex just to fuck with him? It's giving me false hope and it feels like she's stringing me along.


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  • she is playing u dude or she just doesn't want anyone to talk to her about the break up because it hurts when she talks about it ahe feel quilty

    • Playing me as in? Just trying to be a bitch to me? She's moving to a new country in like 3 months (we were going to breakup then) so I don't see why she'd keep it up other than to fuck with me.

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    • it doesn't matter what she did what is done is done u can't change it but from now u got to live ur life

    • You're right I am.

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