Has any of you tried a psychic reading app before? Was it helpful? Which app would u advise?

Has any of u had a positive psychic reading experience before? I would very much life how it went. I beleive in horoscope and tarot and I'm thinking to consult a female professional psychic. Any help is appreciated.


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  • I went to see a man and most of what he said came true. Apart from one bit!


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  • Mate if your looking for something great to happen your life, its not going to happen, from someone telling you, or thinking about it. Your life is decided by what you do, through your actions and thoughts.

    The only person that has influence of what happens in life, is you. Sure there going to be times, you feel like giving up, cause its getting to hard, but not giving up , is what separates the winners for losers.

    So forget these stupid psychic or horoscope reading, they money making scams, for vulnerable people that don't know any different.

    • Please do me a favour, don't waste anymore money or time on this shit. Most of is very generalised by the information you give them.

    • Well am asking because I myself work as a psychic reader lol thank u for ur reply just what I needed. To know what ppls think. I do work for a company and I wanted to see what company names will appear first.

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  • I have. It was great. She told me what color my car wasn't and that I would become an artist.

  • No don't mess with that stuff occult in nature I'm good


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