Is she trying to get me back?

Ex G/F broke up with me last week saying she doesn't feel I listen enough. Short term relationship. Everything was great but apparently this got to her. We talked about it, I didn't really beg but did try to change her mind and I ended conversation telling her I didn't want to be friends. Only way she could have me in her life is as a boyfriend.

Done NC since. she texted me twice last night around midnight. I ignored her.

Sent me text again today after no response from me. I responded and asked her what was up. She told me she has my shirt and wants to meet up to give it back.

really? You texted me at midnight and again this AM so we can meetup so you can give me my shirt back? Am I reading too much into this or does she want me back?

Thoughts please on what to do. I told her I would meet up but the only result I want here is to get back together. Do I let her know?


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  • She's just a girl. She misses you, she wants your attention and is wondering why you haven't texted her pining for her yet. If you still stand by your original decision, just tell her that nothing has changed and she should leave it in your mailbox

  • S he probably wants you back


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