Should I text my ex?

She broke up with me a little bit over a month ago. I didn't handle the breakup well and tried getting her back for a week and it obviously didn't go well. We haven't spoken since. I started seeing a new girl about 3 weeks ago, but I'm still in love with my ex. My ex contacted me about two weeks ago with some random message, it was a picture of a super car (I'm really into cars), I just said thanks. Anyway, she still hasn't changed her facebook profile pic which is of us together, even though I asked her to. I just really miss her, I thought I was making a lot of progress, but this past week has been mentally brutal and I just want her back in my life. Yesterday would have been our one year anniversary. Any chance she's missing me?


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  • Dude, I am in a very similar boat to you. My ex that I was living with for 3 years brutally dropped me after a few months of moving to a new city together and then started dating a much younger girl that he worked with at his new job, not long after we stopped having ex-sex. I was devastated. It took me a year to stop feeling like shit and crying all the time. It's been about 18 months since we broke up and I still miss him like crazy - even though he treated me like shit. But I refuse to contact him or accept his offer to "be friends"
    It's a matter of self preservation and respect. Don't do it. Chin up, eyes forward xx

    • how did he treat you lol , what do you mean treat me like shit? did he abuse you or what can you explain

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    • Sorry just read the update now I answered only when I could read only 1 reply

    • Ok read all of it, thank you for sharing this. Yes he didn't loved you he is a manipulator type worst type of guy. I am sure there are other guys out there that really love you. Be strong and never give up. Don't put yourself down for anyone, you should love and respect yourself more then anyone else. Good luck and be strong, it is not the end of the world. Life is long many people will come and go, what counts is YOU.

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  • if you really want your ex back. then u gotta drop this new girl. your ex isn't gonna want u if ur talking to some other girl. or if ur a player. also u should let her text u first. she's going to text u eventually


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  • No, don't text her. She broke up with you so its time to let her go.


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  • Dudeeeeeeeeee text her
    She sent you that picture randomly, KNOWING YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC INTEREST IN SUPER CARS
    She hasn't changed the pic where you guys are together either
    Texxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • I think that is a tough call, you still have feelings for her, but I think that if you text you can get more attached, is she still single? I think it would make you more emotional, give it sometime my friend and think on it


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