Should I take him back?

So my ex and I broke up due to him moving to a different continent. We were both very much in love before he left and we would have stayed together if he had stayed here. We've both kept in contact since he's been away and he's coming home in a few weeks and wants to try and make it work again.

A few weeks back he slept with a random girl he met on a night out. We are both leading single lives so I'm not mad or anything, but I just feel a bit off about it? He could've been having sex with a different girl each night for all I know but just because I KNOW about this one I'm feeling a little anxious about the whole thing.

Should I take him back? I do still love him and I know once he gets home and we see each other that we can move on but just want to get other opinions.
Should I take him back?
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