I fell back in love with my ex, what do I do?

My girlfriend and I broke up because she wasn't ready for the commitment of a relationship.

We dated for about 6 months. She was loads of fun. We were perfect and everyone else thought we were perfect. Then recently, she was stressing out about it and it eventually got to her. I noticed that she had been distancing herself.

She's been more independent than me and doesn't like to talk about her/our problems and she felt that if we went longer than we should, our relationship wouldn't be healthy. Now, she suggested that we could try to be friends but back then, I don't know if I'll be comfortable with that, at least right then.

At this point, it's been 3 months since we've broken up. I got over her. We became friends (because we are in the same friend group so it made it easier to do stuff) and we talk now and then but nothing is the same. I just can't get to close to her without memories coming back up. I've then come to realize that I like her, again and I don't know what to do. I told my friends and they gave me the warnings and possible consequences but they support me.

Two months later, I have tried to shake that feeling off but I still feel the same. I'm trying to evaluate ourselves and look for the signs. I can't really tell what is going on. Sometimes I can't tell if she's being flirty or just really friendly. Given our history it could be either one.

Guys and girls, I don't know what to do. Love is really complicated when it comes to me and especially with her. I don't want to mess things up but I also don't want to sit here day dreaming about the fantasy about us back together. I think we are good for each other but we both haven't dated a lot of people before and maybe we were just too inexperienced then.

I don't know if she's ready. I don't know if she has changed her mind about anything. It's all too confusing for me and the only answer to me is to try to get back with her. Should I try to get back with her? Should I just remain friends?
Ask her for a second chance.
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Tell her how you feel and try to work it out.
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Forget about it and try to remain friends.
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Distance yourself from her and try get rid of your feelings for her.
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I fell back in love with my ex, what do I do?
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