High School Good Term Break up - What should I do now?

My ex and I were dating for 6 months. On September, we decided to take a break to focus in our academics (we go to different boarding school). When I texted her on October, her friend somehow texted me back saying how she is having a difficult time and we apparently broke up. I was very furious, but I decided to move on. Last week, I texted her again to find out - turns out, she was sexually assaulted right before I texted her on October and she was struggling. She sent me 6 paragraphs of text - half about the incident and half about me. She was giving me compliments of how I am very nice and she still fond of me - but she said she cannot have any type of relationship.
When I heard this, I could not think properly, and I replied simply with only 5 sentences (like Im sorry this happened to you and how if there is anything just let me know) Everyone says this response was perfect, but here is the problem:

She is SHY. Very very shy. She has never initiated contact before and she even also admitted to me how she feels uncomfortable when she is with men. However, I know when a girl is shy or she is not interested in me. Whenever I text her, she replies very long. If she isn't into me, she won't respond or just simply ignore it.

So my plan is - everyone knows that she needs time and we are not going to be in relationship, but I think it is really important for her to know that we are best friends and if there is anything, she should let me know (she even said I am her only best friend as a boy)

What do you think? I don't expect her to respond but I think it will make a huge difference of saying how I really care about her and I want to help her not because she was my girlfriend but as a good friend of mine.

Please leave your thoughts below - any questions, ask!
High School Good Term Break up - What should I do now?
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