Why is he acting crazy?

I broke up with my boyfriend of 9 months about 3 weeks ago. At first he was just really sad and being really nice to me to try to get me back. He was trying so hard but I was just done with it, so he gave up eventually. But instead of giving up and leaving it alone he feels the need to be a completely jerk to me now.

He talks sh*t to me all the time. He called the cops saying I was having a party at my apartment (which I wasn't). He feels the need to tell me that he is back with his ex and loves her so much. It really doesn't bother me, I want him to be happy... but he wasn't making ME happy so I was done with it. I don't have any ill feelings toward him, I just don't understand why he is acting so crazy. He used to be the most responsible and careful person. But he recently wrecked his motorcycle (which is completely out of character for him) and is acting like a child. WHAT THE HELL?


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  • you hurt him (not saying you did a bad thing, sometimes there is no alternative). immature people deal with being hurt by trying to hurt someone back. it is childish and and the best way to deal with such behavior is to treat him the same way you do a child: you ignore his little tantrums.

    cut him completely out of your life, refuse to know anything about him. it is the best thing for both of you. good luck.

  • he's hurt he probably wants you bak bad! I'm in the same position with my girl I want her back bad. would you EVER get back with him if he full changed and sh*t or are you just done at all costs?

    • I probably would have gotten back with him. but now that he's acting this way he's showing me a side of him that iv never seen and never wanted to see. I can't get back with him now at all. he's been too much of an asshole.

    • Yeah fair enuff so he's ruined it for himself then maybe if he played his cards right he could have got you back. that's good to hear my girlfriend dumped me for the same reasons but I'm not acting crazy so mabey we'l work it out!

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