Girls--is it pathetic if a guy can't cheat, because he has no other options?

If you're beginning to date or start a new relationship with a guy, but you notice he's not really attractive or likable to other people (no social life, very little dating experience, no sexual experience, no friends, keeps to himself, etc.), would it be bothersome to you that he'll NEVER cheat on you, simply because NO OTHER GIRL will ever be interested in him?

Would you start to wonder if you even like him in the first place?

OR: If you're NOT dating a guy like this, what would you think of a guy like this? If he were a friend, would you try to help him out? Or would you just think he's "creepy" anyway and stay away from him?


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  • Trust me, there's always a way to cheat. A guy doesn't have to be insanely attractive, rich, or likable to cheat on his girlfriend. There are prostitute, the internet, swingers, clubs, and all sorts of avenues anyone can take to cheat.

    Whether or not I would date a person like the one you described depends on whether he WANTS to or WILL cheat, not on whether or not he believes that he can.

    And quite honestly, when I'm involved with someone (and I would think that most people feel this way, too), I think the person I'm with is the best there is. I wouldn't suddenly feel like he's unattractive because of the way other people look at him. My feelings shape my view of a person and no matter what others believe, the person I love is always beautiful to me.

    • Thanks a lot for your answer! Well the type of cheating I was referring to was the most common definition--consensual sexual infidelity with another girl. And in my example, it's not the guy that doesn't believe he can cheat--it's the fact that no other girl considers him attractive, as a matter of fact (not his own opinion).

      Are you saying that even if a lot of other girls gave you the "what are you doing with HIM" look, you'd never think twice?

    • Absolutely, I'd never think twice! I will always fight for the one I'm with... And I'd probably also think "why don't you see the wonderful person I do?"

    • Well, that's refreshing : ) Most people are very easily swayed by social cues and don't stand their ground that well.

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  • it doesn't madder if he can't cheat. as long as he doesn't.

    if he does for any reason it shows that he doesn't care and doesn't love you that much as he's said or wanted the girl to believe.

    i like a guy for who he is and not just his looks.

    if he was my friend than yes I would try to help him find a girl and get him to be social

    • Thanks for your answer. How would you help him to be more social?

    • Probably get him into going some place social with my other friends. like either out to eat or just in school talking to other people at lunch or in the morning

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