Will distance fix our relationship?

Me and my boyfriend have been going through a pretty rough patch. We've been arguing terribly for the past couple of months. I lost my job, and his job wasn't enough to keep us in our apartment so we got evicted and now we live with his parents. In a much smaller space with not as much privacy or freedom. It's caused issues in our sex life because now we have to be more discreet and it's just lame compared to when we had our place. So back to the arguments.. they're pretty ugly. We fix things up for a little and then it's right back to fighting. We love each other and when we're good, things are perfect. I love him so much. Unfortunately a couple weeks ago, we broke up. Still acted like a couple, but we weren't officially together. Now he's talking to other girls and I'm here.. broken.

I have the option to leave today. I want to do it. I think that if anything, it'll make him realize how he reallhy feels (if he does) and hopefully it'll bring us back together. But if it doesn't, it doesn't. What do you guys think?
Will distance fix our relationship?
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