Hey can I have some advice, what do I do? Being ghosted?

I was seeing someone and broke it off because he was just out of a long term relationship. He said he really liked me but understood, his head wasn't right, he was still talking and seeing his ex. He can't add people on fb in case his ex sees and it hurts her. Less than a week later he was with some girl and tried to take her out with our friends, I told him that wasn't nice, he could go on dates anywhere else doesn't need to go out with me and my friends and he didn't go out, he's been ignoring me ever since we finished. He still is seeing the new girl. I sent him a message trying to clear the air asking how he was after a month of not talking because we are going to be out with all our friends over Christmas. He ignored me again. I messaged him one last time saying I was just trying to make things less awkward and if he wants to ignore me that's fine but it's not a nice thing to do. I blocked him on fb,
but the truth is I still really like him, is there any chance we can get together once he sorts his head out?


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  • I think that he is avoiding you because he feels guilty and just doesn't want to face up to the situation. He told you that he needed to break it off with you because he was just out of a relationship and was still not over his ex but then he gets together with another girl a week after you break up.

    If he doesn't want to reply then leave him to it. As for your chances of getting together, I don't think they look too good right now unfortunately. I think you should try and move on.

    • I finished with him though, he didn't want to and wanted to keep hanging out, but I really cared for him and didn't want to be a rebound. I didn't want to but how can you stay with someone who clearly isn't over their ex and repeatedly talked about her.

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    • You just don't make any particular effort to be in his space, you get on with having fun. I'm not saying that you make a big show of ignoring him but just pretend that he is a new member of the group that you don't really know. Say hi if he says hi but then carry on having fun and enjoying yourself. Don't let his presence ruin your night.

    • Yea you are right to be honest I would like him to be my New Years kiss if he's single again, but I'll keep him blocked and if he wants to reach out he will.

  • Give him time and space, if you keep on hitting him up, you'll like the desperate one that wants him more than he wants you. Just have your fun and do your thing, he'll come around, and if he doesn't, then that's his loss.

    • I've deleted his number and blocked him on fb so I won't be tempted. Hopefully he comes round before Christmas as all the friend group will be heading out together, I hate being ignored it makes me so anxious. Especially as I bOught him groceries and smokes when he was broke, listened to him talk about his problems and gave advice. I don't know what I've done to deserve being ignored. Thank you so much for your advice!

    • You haven't done to be ignored, he's just doing that to annoy you and get you mad, once he gets over it, he'll come around. He's got issues and is probably immature, guys don't mature as fast as women.

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  • Yiu and the girl are both dumb. He's got his "ex" (probably his girl) so says you basically need to be secret and she can't find out. Fucks you off, moves onto the next side chick, and still has side chick 1 chasing him while he's doing whatever with side chick 2.

    Seriously.. When he can fully be single. When he is allowed to not hide things from his "ex" and when he doesn't dump one and move on to the next in a week... then think about it.
    Please. One ex. 2 girls within a week... No. Not adding up. Did you guys have sex?
    It's not his ex. He's keeping in contact with his "ex" because she's his girl, not because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings, he's keeping things secret because she's his girl ntk because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings. How the fuck has he got 3 women on his line at the same time AND YOU FULLY KNOW ABOUT IT yet you still chase him? Seriously.. he definitely saw you coming.

    • No I do know of his ex from our friend circle. It is over between them. I dumped him because he was still talking about her and to her. I didn't want to but there was no way he was over her, they had been together four years.
      I really liked him and was shocked at him trying to take the new girl out with us. He hasn't added her on fb either and she lives miles away so the ex won't find out about her.

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    • You're right, I know stopping seeing him was the right thing to do, it's just the ignoring that's annoying me, I bought him groceries when he was broke, and smokes. I listened to his problems and gave him advice. I just don't understand what I did to deserve being ignored 😭 It's not like I'm bombarding him with texts. I've deleted his number sans blocked him on fb. Hopefully out of sight, out of mind. Thanks for taking time to give me advice.

    • You didn't do anything to deserve it. Some people just treat people like shit, and there's no other explanation. Don't ever think it's your fault if somebody is bad to you!

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