Will you send a happy birthday message if you found out he blocked you?

we never met, just we chat and webcam (no sex stuffs) chat hours daily very often the last few weeks, things were great sweet, and intense but since last week, his attitude changed, since i figure he probably lost interest or met someone else (many side factors) i actually well prepared myself before the "talk" it is gonna be harsh, especially found out he blocked me on ig,

the call he was just as usual, sweet but he said he needs to time focus on his uni study as he screwed up with his work, i said sure, i understand that i told him i understand he needs time to focus on himself, but i found out his block me off on ig before the conv, i later on said its fine, if you don't wanna talk to me again, i understand and respect your decision, but he said he didn't, he insisit he didn't block, but i think he was lying but just didn't want to hurt my feeling, we had an hour chat, no fight, he sounded sad and confused, mainly i was the one comforting him pretty much saying i understand he is busy, he said we won't chat as much, but i figure he wants to move on thats why cut me off, his birthday is coming soon, i know we had a adult and peaceful chat, but i can't live pass the idea someone if block me on some social media, not all of them, but just one, should i still wish him Happy birthday? base on the no contact rules, i shouldn't.

i got the feeling the last couple days he keeps reminding me his birthday coming soon
Will you send a happy birthday message if you found out he blocked you?
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