Your heartbreak experiences?

How did you feel/react when you had your worst heartbreak?


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  • Its been 3 years. I really liked the girl but I had trouble expressing myself I didn't know how she would react if I did. She ended up leaving me for a guy I have hated since I was 12 years old (for personal reasons). I didn't know what to do after because I felt so betrayed. I didn't know who to turn to or really what to say to people, I ended up getting rid of all the pictures I had of her because it made me sick every time I seen them. I haven't seen her in almost 3 years now funny thing is I can barely remember her other than picturing her face from time to time which makes me feel terible just thinking of what happend.


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  • Its been 9 months since my worst breakup but I still remember that day as if it were yesterday. I felt as if my heart just f***ing snapped inside my chest, going through excruciating agony trying to think of all the wrong I did as nothing was really that detrimental to end a long relationship. I felt almost hopeless cause we always said we would last forever and sh*t like that but then it ended. KNowing that she never gave her exbf's a second chance so she ain't going to start with me. Its bad but it definatley helps knowing you have family and friend guarding ur back and trying to cheer you up.


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  • I've never experienced the pain as when my ex that I was with over 8 years finshed me over a year ago, It was awful and I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst emeny.

    I cried and litterally tortured my mind so much, questioning why me, what have I done so wrong , I'm not pretty enough, not slim enough etc etc. It got to the point when I really thought I needed to go and see a doctor for some help, but I didn't and finally managed to get through it. He got with someone straight away and I used to see pictures of him and her and it was like someone was stabbing my heart with a knife and twisting it. I used to see pictures of them looking so happy and it used to kill me.

    I won't like it took me months and months to start to feel better, about 8 months I started to feel better and then he contacts me which screwed me head up even more so the pain lasted longer. About 10months after he broke up with me I finally started to feel better, but to this day although I except the break I will never ever forgive him for the horrible things he did and said to me and it may sound bitter but one day I really hope he experiences this pain to - to realise what I went through.

    This breakup was by far the worst, and to be honest it's scarred me, because I feel like I got certain issues, such as trust and self confidence issues all because of him.

    Whereas I was in agony when he put me through this he was happy getting on with his new life, experiencing things with his new girlfriend. I will never know why it happened to me x


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