Why is my ex acting like this, and how or should I respond?

So we broke up about 2 weeks ago basically due to it being a LDR and me being in school and her being done (2 different points in our lives). It was a pretty calm break up. She did say she loves me but doesn't want to feel like she's on the sidelines anymore, she would be open to something once circumstances change. The day after the break up she said she was wondering if she made a mistake and wished things were different but had to stand by her decision. Anyway I haven't spoken to her for about a week (thinking of doing the no contact rule for 30 days). Sunday she sent me this: "Hi, just wanted to see how you were doing?" and today she sent me this: "Hey, so I'm not sure if you not answering me meant you want me to stop messaging you, which is completely fair, but i just wanted to say thank you for the birthday gift. I won't message you again." (I sent her a birthday present I had already purchased before the break up with the rest of her things she left at my place.) I am open to the possibility to things in the future if there's growth on both sides, and don't want to mess things up with her. 1. Why is she acting like this (She probably knows how I'm doing like anyone who goes through a break up) and 2. Should I contact her or stick to the 30 days?
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  • She wants to get inside your head, don't contact her.

  • just dont

    • Could you explain why?

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