Is this a normal reason to break up or did she over react? I admitted guilt and tried to fix it, if she cared about me wouldn't she want to fix it?

Long story short, I met this amazing Swiss/Albanian 32yr old single mom of a 4yr old daughter while in Cancun. We fell head over heals for each other. After a couple months of FaceTime/whatsapp we talk about getting married, having a child and she even took an English class to better communicate with me (her English was 75% at best). I visit her for two weeks in Switzerland. First week and a half is amazing until the second weekend while we went to Paris. Our last night we ate at Hard Rock Cafe Paris. She accused me of flirting with a young waitress who was unattractive. She was outgoing and I interacted with her like I would any outgoing waitress /waiter. I got defensive and after arguing a minute or 2 I say ok we leave early in the morning. She in turn got really upset saying how she drive here, planned this for me and left her daughter at home to spend time with me. I apologize that night but she is still upset. She wakes up and tells me she had cried in the night. After trying again to apologize and she is still very upset I asked if she wanted me to get a hotel. (Her babies father had cheated on her and left her alone with the daughter for good). After the next couple days things go back to normal until she broke it off with me saying she can no longer imagine the future between us. She says what if we get in a big fight in a year and I leave. Also our first weekend together alone we fight. I can't get over it took me one night to ruin it.


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  • ıt is not normal


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