Wow 5 years and it's over.. what did u do to move on?


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  • day by day- that is how i dealt after my 22 year long marriage ended

    • it's all I've been doing.. I just wish it went faster.. the healing process is brutal

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    • ur amazing thanks

    • All people are amazing, or have the potential- time to back your 'inner amazing'

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  • i couldnt, i suffered for 4 or 5 months and went back

  • All relationships hurt and take a huge amount of time out of your life, but if you think about it the next relationship could be even longer, but yes sometimes the best things come to an end. You survived before them and you certainly can without them, there isn't any time limit on your healing process but you can't relive your relationship and its wise not to constantly think about the past, you get up everyday and do what you need to do, keep busy and day by day you will either miss them more or miss them less and then that wonderful day comes when you haven't even thought about them at all. You will be fine x


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