I had a dream about my ex last night and now today I find out she single agin?

Honesly part of me is happy she got dump becuase now she understand the pain i went through when she allowed her parents to forced us apart. But i was really hoping things worked out for her since she seem happy and for the first time in along time she had a reap relationship and freedom since her parents allowed it, Now back on topic. So last night i had a dream about my ex girlfriend it was the first one in along while. I honestly just annoyed the dream but then a matural friend of ours text ke and said she broke up. I don't know why this friend told me becuase i told her never to speak to me about my ex problems after she told me my ex girlfriend mom died last year. My ex girlfriend was the 1 that got away and the only girl i was ever in love with.. I felt like i was on drugs every time i was with her. I have dated 2 girls since our forced break up, the 2rd cheated one pn me and tbh i forced myself to date her since i thought my ex was blocking me feeling things this girl was my rebound. Now the 3rd girlfriend aka the current girl am with.. she the first since my ex too make me feel anything at all. We have been dating for 5 months and its best the best relationship i ever had even better then my first when it was at it best. Ny current girlfriend is very mature and does not let her parents control our relationship like my ex girlfriend did. My ex girlfriend was the source of almost all the problems we had and tbh i don't feel like we ever had a real relatonship to begun with becuase of this. What should i do and what do u think? i have no plans to message my ex girlfriend or broke up with my current girlfriend and am hoping with my time i fall in love with my current girlfriend which my feeling for her have gotta strong but none close to what my ex made me feel. And my current girlfriend does known this i tell her everything we plan on waiting 12 months too see if i get those feelings... am looking for. Sorry for any spelling mistakes.
I had a dream about my ex last night and now today I find out she single agin?
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