Why is my ex hanging out with my sister?

There's nothing going on between them, but for the past few days they've been hanging out, and going out with mutual friends. I don't like the fact that she still talks to them. She tells me whenever he used to see her out, he would always try to talk to her, and get upset when she ignores him (out of loyalty to me, which is gone now).


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  • Why get upset?
    He's your ex, and your sister is fully entitled to see/go out with whoever she choses.
    Just move on with your own life and stop being so upset/worried/concerned about others.

    • But she's my sister, so there has to be a bit of loyalty. I'm assuming you might not get along with your family?

    • And of course you assume quite wrongly, as I get on extremely well with both my elder and younger sisters, just as families should do. :)