How Do I proceed?

Me and my ex been apart for almost 3 months. We were in NC for just over a month. Couple weeks back before I left for a vacation she texted me " have fun miss you like crazy" i did not respond until I got home a week later. I tried to call her, and she tried to call me back 10 min later but somehow could not get through, I think her number might have been blocked and I didn't know it. I got a text
I can't call back. I let it go that night since I un sure what was going on. She emailed me next morning asking if it was set up, and I texted that it was a call made in good faith, and I got it straightened out, I was disappointed to miss her attempt at a return call, and I wanted to tell her on phone I miss her as well, and hope we can talk soon, to still remember I have not felt this way about another girl and care about her very much. She responded that she was sorry, it was just weird she could not get through a couple times that night. She asked me if I was going to a party that our mutual friends were throwing, and I said sorry, no I already have other plans. I did call her yesterday, and she answered right away and we talked for around 45 min, and it was as if we never split. It was the first time we spoke in 2 months. The conversation went great. I ended the conversation as I better let you go (she was arriving somewhere) it was nice to talk to you and I'll talk to you soon. I'm not sure how to proceed? The kicker is she is seeing someone else right now. I have not texted or made contact now in a day. I want to play it cool, not being the one to initiate the contact, the only reason I felt I had to in the first place was she reached out twice to me. Im thinking my next contact may be a simple Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
How Do I proceed?
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