What would you do if your ex took a new fling out, somewhere he knew you would be, week after you finished?

It happened to me, I told him that he was single and he has every right to date but it wasn't nice to go somewhere he knew I was going to be.
he's acting like I'm unreasonable, so advice?


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  • Ignore him and have a great time. Don't even look his or her way, he obviously wants to make you jealous bc he still has feelings for you. So get the best of the situation and just have the time of your life.

  • Oh, he is doing everything to push your buttons. You could go see them, and casually mention to his new fling that he purposely brought her there to show her off to you. Then mention to her, how does it feel to be used like that, since he's likely to drop seeing her like a rock in a short time. Then walk away saying, y'all have fun. Be completely emotionless and matter of fact.

    Yeah, I know... it'll be killing you inside, but don't show ANY emotion. Just be like, Ho-hum. So what. This guy is a real piece of work to do that.

    • Is it possible he did it because he did not care about me what so ever?

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    • It's been a month and he keeps telling my friends that he's seening her, I tried to make friends and he's been ghosting, I texted him a month after everything. It's really hurting me. I don't kept texting as I don't want to be needy.

    • It's time to go on and find someone or something else to occupy your time. He obviously doesn't want to be with you anymore if he's doing all this. Besides, do you really "want" to be back with a guy who behaves like an over-sized 4yr old? You're better than that and you deserve much better!

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