Should I send my ex's son a small gift for his birthday?

His dad and I split a month ago and its like i suddenly vanished from his life. His dad didn't give me or us the opportunity to talk to him about the split.
And as far as his son knows, im just working a lot... i heard that from a mutual friend.
His son text me through a game we play on an app. He told me he misses me. i told him i missed him too.
His birthday (he'll be 8 ) is next week and i want to send a card and an iTunes card just wishing him a great day.
Is this ok if his dad and i aren't on speaking terms?


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  • I think it's incredibly sweet that you want to keep in touch with this boy. In she it's been hard on him. But what is going to happen if the dad finds out?

    I think you could send a gift. I'm sure it will mean a lot to the boy. Maybe have a mutual friend give the gift. I would call and talk to the dad first. Just make sure he's not going to flip that you got his son a gift.


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  • I wouldn't do it, especially since you and his dad aren't on speaking terms. His dad can get really upset and take it the wrong way. Plus it may not be a good for the kid neither if you and his dad will never get back together. It's a lot to think about.

  • Stay away from his kids...

    • Im not doing anything to his kid, im sending a card. I see no harm in it. If he sent my child a bday card, id be ok with it.

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    • Geez, just because he wasn't my kid doesn't mean we didn't have that bond. It was just supposed to be a kind gesture. And even a kind of good bye without actually saying it. To show him my daughter and i still care for him.

    • Oh well, he's not talking to you, so I'd gamble to say that he doesn't want you to maintain a relationship with his son and keep intruding into his life. If you're not on friendly terms with him then you should be talking to his kids.

  • Ask the dad first


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