Is my ex on a rebound?

So it's been only 3 weeks since the breakup. She told me there was no one she was leaving me for or she wasn't playing the field (there was a guy I was suspicious of right before the break up but she said he had a girlfriend but if its the same guy in this situation thats obviously a lie). Anyway I don't think she cheated but I do have a funny feeling he's making it easier for her. ANYWAY, things we haven't talked much but she posted her planner on instagram and I saw that one day said was date night (kinda blurred out by the filter but you can tell, then on another day it said lazy day with Gabe (the guy I was suspicious of). Anyway that was for the week right after the break up. To me it seems awfully fast for her to jump from one relationship to another (we dated for 1 year and 3 months) (it was a LDR too). Her reasons for leaving were legit (LDR + different points in our lives, she's ready to start down the path to settling down, I still have less than a year left of school, we kinda just drifted apart because of me focusing on school). Anyway with it only being 3 weeks after a break up and it looking like this took place right after the break up would you say its more than a rebound or more than likely a rebound? On a funny note she works with the guy and I mean they work TOGETHER so I have a funny feeling it will fizzle out pretty fast as he will probably get tired of her after a while.
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Is my ex on a rebound?
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