Feel good about ex's misfortune, am I a bad person?

I tried to end things right, tried to be civil as we have friends in common. I wasn't nasty and even he said he could see where I was coming from. He had a new girl in less than a week, taking her out where he knew I was, proceeded to ignore me, I wasn't nasty or bombarding him with messages, and diss me to my friends. His car was broken into and the window smashed, things were stolen.
I felt a bit of happiness, thinking karma had come around. I feel a bit guilty now, but he has made me so miserable the past month.


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  • Nah you're normal

  • Nah, it depends who said break up

    • I said to break up, I didn't want to as I really liked him. but all he did was talk about his ex, showed me pictures of his ex, was still talking to his ex and asking me to buy him things as he never had any money, refused to add me on fb as he didn't want his ex to see :/

    • That guy is a jerk, u don't even waste you time to think about him anything, even the misfortune part. But, I have to say, I feel good about ex's misfortune. lol

    • I know, the worst is if he had acted like a normal person I would of been a friend to him and helped him out in times like this, but I don't even want to contact him to see if he is ok. Why help someone who thinks you're not even worth a message back.

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