Is my ex making these posts to wind me up?

Me and my ex broke up a week ago. I still have him on Facebook (yea yea I broke rule 1 of break ups)
and he started posting/sharing pics like "a relationship like this please" with a picture of a guy coming home to a note from his wife and a nerf gun... I'm hoping people know what pic I'm referring to.
It's just a lot of posts about what he looks for in a relationship. Never statuses just pics of relationship quotes.

I don't message him, but I see his posts through my newfeed. I'm still quite hurt about the break up but I'm getting through it - the break up was mutual and I wouldn't say it ended on good terms (he said I have trust issues and if there's no trust there's no relationship - no I didn't accuse him of cheating) and I do want to talk to him but I know I'll only get hurt more if I do so.

My friends say he is only making these posts to wind me up and I suppose it is.
Is my ex making these posts to wind me up?
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